Magnetized Confinement Device, UST_1.
Courtesy of Eng. Vicente Queral, España.

This Project has been in progress since September 2008, with specialists from the Fusion National Laboratory of CIEMAT, in Spain, and from the AD Astra Rocket Company, in Liberia, Guanacaste, providing advice to the project. This Project aims at encouraging students to investigate plasmas and nuclear fusion and to give them the chance to create, promote and develop research in this field in the ITCR.

Creating a low-cost small-scale experimental magnetic plasma confinement device allows learning and experimentation with magnetically confined plasmas, particularly with fusion, simulation and plasma physics technologies. For this, students are trained in areas such as, vacuum and microwave engineering. This device is based on the low-cost Stellarator UST_1 which was built by the engineer Vicente Queral in the Fusion National Laboratory in Spain, who is an advisor of this project.

Project SCR-1 Diagram

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