This program is carried out in conjunction with university colleges.

Career description

In the Bachelor’s Degree program in Sustainable Tourism Management of the TEC, tourism is considered to be a topic for scientific and social research and work, where management is directly associated with sustainable development of each community that becomes a tourist destination, and with national development. The first group of sustainable tourism managers graduated from the TEC in 2009.

Program characteristics

Graduates in tourism from any of the public university colleges participating in the Articulation and Cooperation Agreement for Public Higher Education of Costa Rica, have the option of continuing their studies at the TEC, where they will receive two additional years of education which qualify them to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management.

This program is based in the conviction that tourism development can be planned to promote tourism projects that break the cycles of concentration of wealth, social exclusion, environmental degradation and loss of citizen participation in decision-making. The objective of our program is to “train professionals capable of planning tourism spaces and projects with a clear and comprehensive vision of sustainable development, through the comprehensive programs of teaching, research and outreach activities.”


  • Contribute to the promotion and development of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica.
  • Develop a model of academic excellence that complements the academic training offered by university colleges, within a framework of social relevance and equal opportunities.
  • Train professionals capable of planning sustainable tourism efforts, and manage and evaluate tourism projects from the point of view of sustainable tourism development in both the private and public spheres.
  • Promote academic research in sustainable tourism development to support constant improvement in the understanding of tourism in Costa Rica and its impacts on local communities and the national economy.
  • Promote academic spaces for university outreach, which contribute to the planning of destinations, resources and tourism activities within a framework of development of entrepreneurship and social equity.

Perfil profesional

Students entering this program are graduates of the tourism program of one of the university colleges that have signed the Agreement on Articulation and Cooperation of Higher Public Education of Costa Rica. The TEC program complements their training by developing their skills related to interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, and strengthening their ability to scientifically investigate the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of populations and territories.

Professionals of the Sustainable Tourism Management career have the capacity to plan, manage and evaluate activities related to tourism. Job opportunities include:

  • Field consultants.
  • Develop new projects and strengthen existing ones.
  • Formulate and evaluate tourism policies, programs and projects.
  • Develop activities related to consulting and advice.
  • Development manager.
  • Professional for planning, management, evaluation and monitoring of tourism activities of social and environmental impact.


  • Scholarships.
  • Socioeconomic assistance and incentive scholarships.
  • Financing for studies.
  • Direct health care: medical, nursing, and psychological.
  • Food.
  • Lodging.
  • Student support and advice.
  • Tutoring.