The Doctoral program in Business Management is a permanent academic program intended to develop capacities and skills needed to investigate phenomena that affect the management of innovation and technology-related operations in public and private organizations.

It is aimed at professionals in the areas of science, engineering and social sciences, with a master's degree and English language proficiency.

The program has a duration of four years. The first year focuses on training in research designs and business management topics in the areas of technological innovation and management.

The remaining three years are dedicated exclusively to research. It begins with a thesis proposal and concludes with the doctoral thesis.

Therefore, the research component comprises 75% of the program.

The call for new applications is made every two years.


The program is intended to contribute to the development of Costa Rica and Latin America by improving socio-economic competitiveness through the creation of professionals at the doctoral level in the field of Business Management which is able to carry out research that can contribute to generate new knowledge and innovations in the organizations where they work, and can also act as agents of change, transferring scientific and technological knowledge to various social and productive sectors through the implementation of outreach activities.

Perfil profesional

Admission profile

Professionals who meet the following requirements can be admitted to this program:

  • Academic master's degree in economic sciences or related areas.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the English language.

Graduate profile

Graduates of this program may work as research professors, coordinators of units linked to research, and participants in interdisciplinary research teams or management teams associated with R & D & I.

They can also work in business positions in which their research skills will be very useful in problem solving and decision making.

Therefore, graduates of this program are suitable for the following activities:

  • Preparing research proposals to be submitted to national and international entities and reporting on the results of research carried out through publication in nationally and internationally recognized media.
  • Carrying out the phases of research and / or outreach processes.
  • Evaluating research proposals nationally and internationally.
  • Carrying out research in national and international interdisciplinary work teams.
  • Generating and transferring knowledge through participation in teaching activities in the fields of research methodology.
  • Carrying out critical analyses at the national level in the field of Business Management.
  • Working as a specialist consultant in the field of business management for organizations.


  • Have at least a master's degree in economics or a related area.
  • Demonstrate acceptable levels proficiency in the English language through certifications issued by competent entities.
  • Submit a completed application form to enter the program and all supporting documents, in the official language.
  • Foreign students must present their degrees and certified grade transcripts, with Apostille.


Link with the Ciadeg-TEC research center

The doctoral program will work closely with the Center for Research in Administration, Economics and Technological Management (Ciadeg-TEC) to strengthen the four areas of research which the doctoral program focuses: innovation, entrepreneurship, information technologies, and experimental economics.

The Center started operations five years ago and has carried out important investigations approved by the TEC’s Vice-Rectory for Research and Outreach.


Doctoral students who wish to do so may join ongoing investigations carried out by the Ciadeg, and will also have the support of researchers from this and other TEC research centers to carry out their own investigation.

In addition, the School of Business Administration and Ciadeg have a critical mass of faculty members with doctoral degrees who will teach the courses of the program, with support from distinguished foreign professors.

Differentiator elements

Focused on science and technology: The areas of knowledge in economic sciences and business that are emphasized, as well as the methodological approaches used, will guide and facilitate formulation of innovative scientific research projects with technological impacts.

Cross-cultural experiences: PhD students will obtain added value from the exchange of ideas and experiences with students from different Latin American countries.

Educators with an international perspective: Each course will be taught by two professors, one international and one national, who will have the opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences, perspectives and realities, thus broadening the knowledge horizons of doctoral students.

Development of research networks: Working closely with students from different countries will promote the formation of research networks, which will facilitate interdisciplinary joint research with a regional or international scope.

Criterios de selección

The academic commission of the doctorate program reserves the right to evaluate all applicants responding to the call for application, to ensure the adequate level of prior academic training of applicants.

Among the selection criteria are:

  • Academic record of master's studies.
  • Years of experience in research or outreach work.
  • Years of professional experience.
  • Publications made with results of their own research or outreach activities.
  • Level of English command.

Graduation requirements

  • Successful completion of all courses in the curriculum.
  • Publication of two articles in indexed journals.
  • Approval of the doctoral thesis.
  • Payment of necessary fees to issue the diploma.

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