The computer is today an essential tool for visual communication. However, technical
knowledge is necessary to create an easily understandable design.

This is a fundamentally theoretical-practical program that uses computers as a tool. It is
designed so that students who graduate from the program can easily find a job in this field.


  • Develop theoretical-practical proficiency in the area of ​​graphic design.
  • Provide integrated training using highly skilled instructors.
  • Provide training in the use of computers in the graphic production process.


  • Ninth grade diploma.


¢89,700 per course (Each block consists of 2 courses)

Payment methods:
Payments can be made at the time of enrollment using the following methods:

1. Using a Visa, Master Card or American Express debit / credit card.
2. Payment through FundaTEC CONECTIVIDAD
3. Payment at a cashier’s window in any BNCR, BCR or BAC bank.
4. BNServicios.

Additional information

Duration of the courses:
Each course lasts eight weeks and is taught in sessions of three hours and thirty minutes per
week, depending on the day assigned, at the Zapote and Alajuela facilities ONLY.

Additional Information:
This is a Program to obtain a Technician’s diploma, and consists of several courses.
If you wish to withdraw or suspend a course enrollment for any reason, you must do so
during the first week of school.

If you still have questions you can contact or call 2234-6597 / 2550-