The program is a response to the need of the country to solve problems related to aesthetics and spatial planning. It is imperative to train people with knowledge about building systems for construction projects and activities, both urban and architectural.

The curriculum of the School of Architecture and Urbanism includes the bachelor’s and licentiate’s degree programs, which must both be completed to obtain the title of architect.


The Architecture and Urbanism degree is accredited by the National System of Accreditation of Higher Education (Sinaes), which demonstrates the quality and excellence of the academic program.

Perfil profesional

Ideal candidates for this program are sensitive and creative, and have a capacity for abstract and spatial reasoning, with ease of expression and communication.

Graduates of the program can specialize in the design, implementation, control, and management of architecture and urban planning projects, as well as in the updating and assessment of such projects.

Job opportunities are mostly in companies and institutions in the following fields:

  • Spatial development or territorial planning.
  • Municipalities, for management of regulatory plans for territorial planning.
  • Work as an independent architect creating buildings and spatial arrangements for different uses.


The School of Architecture and Urbanism is located in the Costa Rican capital of San José, in Barrio Amón, a historical sector with great heritage and architectural value.

Its proximity to all urban problems, government institutions, educational centers, museums, art galleries, tourist lodgings, parks, heritage tours, markets, shops and an important urban landscape allows greater contact with reality.