Biotechnology is any technological application that makes use of biological systems, organisms, or products derived from organisms. The Biotechnology Engineering degree was offered for the first time in 1997 and since that time the program has interacted actively with universities, research centers and national and foreign companies.

Perfil profesional

Persons who wish to enroll in the program should have an innovative, entrepreneurial, competitive, negotiating, critical, research-oriented and environmentally responsible spirit. They should also be sensitive to social, environmental and ethical problems, and respect the environment and idiosyncrasies of communities.

Job opportunities are found in companies related to:

  • Agriculture, forestry, industry, animals, and pharmaceutical production.
  • Agronomy, biology, medicine, and biosafety research.
  • Environmental protection and control.


  • Highly specialized staff.
  • Biotechnology Research Center.
  • Optimum equipment for the application of advanced techniques.
  • Appropriate bibliographic resources, databases, CD-ROM and specialized journals.
  • Modern infrastructure and greenhouses.
  • Properly equipped laboratories.

Training in:

  • Molecular biology techniques.
  • Biotechnological evaluation of wastewater treatment plants.
  • In-vitro culture techniques for plants.
  • Conservation of genetic resources.
  • Manipulation of microorganisms.
  • Industrial microbiology.
  • Biotechnological treatment of solid waste.
  • Biotechnological production systems.