The program in Environmental Engineering is aimed at giving participants the skills and knowledge necessary to provide comprehensive scientific and technological solutions in the field of prevention, control and correction of environmental problems. Graduates will be able to participate in the development and implementation of environmental management systems, carry out environmental impact assessments, and design waste treatment systems (solid, liquid and gas) for a globalized market. The TEC forms leaders in this field in accordance with the commitments made by Costa Rica in international agreements and in current legal regulations.

This career is taught during the day at the Cartago campus and offers a bachelor's degree upon successful completion of the program.

Perfil profesional

Costa Rica is a developing country that needs professionals in the field of environmental engineering. TEC professionals are sensitive to environmental and social problems that affect both Costa Rica and the rest of the world, and seek strategies and design processes that mitigate the damage of human activity on the environment.

Job opportunities are concentrated in companies and institutions dedicated to the following activities:

  • Manufacturing and commerce.
  • Chemical process industries.
  • Companies that sell environmental equipment and supplies.
  • The public and municipal sectors.
  • Environmental organizations.
  • Providing consulting services in industrial, services, and educational institutions.


  • Highly trained and experienced faculty.
  • Environmental Protection Research Center.
  • Laboratory of chemical and microbiological services.


  • Laboratorio de servicios químicos y microbiológicos.