Industrial Maintenance Engineering was one of the first programs created at the TEC. It integrates mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and business administration. The common denominator in all of them is the daily need faced by plant engineers to schedule maintenance of industrial equipment, manage human and physical resources, and design and install production systems, or design and manufacture parts and spare parts for machinery.


Since 2001, the Industrial Maintenance Engineering curriculum has been internationally recognized by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), which ensures the quality of the educational program and opens opportunities for professional development of program participants both inside and outside Costa Rica.

Perfil profesional

Industrial maintenance engineers are professionals with a very solid knowledge of electromechanical engineering and administration of human and technological resources. They are proficient in the use of computer tools for solving technical electromechanical problems, as well as administrative problems.

The main job opportunities for program graduates are in areas such as:

  • Industrial plants and companies that produce goods and services.
  • Public and private companies with electrical and mechanical equipment that has to be maintained in good condition.
  • The manufacturing industry, medicine, construction, food, agribusiness and service companies, among others.


  • Faculty members with doctoral, master’s and licentiate’s degrees.
  • Laboratories for electricity, transformers, and electrical, thermal and hydraulic machines.
  • Equipment for electrical control, computer-aided design and manufacturing, automation, etc.

Graduates with Master’s Degrees in Administration of Electromechanical Engineering will have the possibility of specializing in the areas of maintenance management, energy management, or ​​administration.