The career in Information Technology Administration (ITA) responds to companies’ requirements for professionals capable of using good practices in making administrative decisions about the use of information technologies. In this career professionals are trained in the field of computing with a focus on understanding, optimizing and innovating in business processes.

ITA professionals will be assist in achieving an optimal integration between the requirements of different functional areas of an organization and the solutions proposed by IT departments.

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Perfil profesional

Individuals with a degree in Information Technology Administration are prepared to work in companies and public and private institutions where the innovative use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) plays a strategic role. Some of the possible roles ATI professionals can perform in an organization or in their own business are:

  • Team manager: Multidisciplinary team managers who participate in the design and implementation of Information Technology projects.
  • Analyst: Analysts who carry out technical and economic feasibility studies of highly complex projects in which use of ICTs if a critical factor for success.
  • Solutions managers: Innovative solutions managers for information systems projects.
  • Information systems administrators: Administrators of the life cycles (development, implementation, maintenance) of automated information systems.
  • Business architects: consultants and administrators of design and/or redesign of business processes to make better use of ICTs as a transformative element to guarantee continuous innovation.
  • High-level technical advisors to executives who participate in decision processes related to computer projects.
  • ICT Managers: Thanks to their experience in various areas of ICT administration, graduates will be prepared to pursue at the highest levels of the organizations that they work for.
  • Knowledge managers: Advisors on the use of different tools to compile and organize the knowledge that an organization constantly accumulates and creates.


The Academic Area of ​​Information Technology Administration has a specialized teaching team in the areas of Information Systems, Software Engineering and Business Management.

Faculty participate in multidisciplinary research projects in TEC Research Centers. The teaching team offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral academic degrees.

Student profile

Persons interested in pursuing a degree should have some of the following characteristics:

  • Interest in business, technology and organizations
  • Interest in the use of technologies to solve challenges / problems
  • Abstract thinking ability and interest in mathematics
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Be a communicative, participatory, creative and entrepreneurial person
  • Have leadership skills
  • Interest in research
  • Have social skills and social sensitivity