This program combines mathematics, pedagogy and computing. Topics such as geometry, algebra, analysis and statistics are covered, as well as the appropriate use of technologies in the teaching and learning processes in these and other areas.

Teaching in Costa Rica, and in particular the teaching of mathematics, has not yet taken full advantage of technological advances in teaching, and the Mathematics Teaching in Technological Environments program is intended to remedy this deficiency.


The bachelor’s degree program was accredited with the National System of Accreditation of Higher Education (Sinaes), in October 2008, which has strengthened the quality of the program.

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The best candidates for the program are those who like mathematics and its teaching, who are committed to academic excellence and the solution of social problems, and who believe in ethical values. Participants can become leaders in the formulation and execution of research projects in the field of mathematics teaching, the use of technologies in this teaching, and the development of theories on the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Graduates can work as teachers in the field of mathematics in public or private educational institutions.


  • Faculty members with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in mathematics, or in computer science and education in different areas.
  • Appropriately equipped laboratories, audiovisual and computer equipment, and other technological tools such as TEC Digital.

Graduates with a bachelor’s or licentiate’s degree will have the possibility of continuing their postgraduate studies in national or foreign universities to develop academic specializations in any of the areas of the curriculum.

Students who have completed at least one semester and have excellent academic performance may choose to work as student assistants or tutors.