The program for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration offers a modern approach to administrative knowledge. Its objective is to produce graduates who have a firm understanding of the art and science of business administration, willing and able to meet the challenges of directing the operations of successful modern businesses.

The Master in Business Administration is aimed at professionals in different areas.


  • Completion of a printed or online enrollment application.
  • Original and copy of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Original and copy of personal identification card, passport or residence card.
  • Certified transcript of courses passed at the university level, with a weighted average.
  • Letter from the company where you currently work, indicating your position’s profile and the date you entered that position.



Fees approved for 2020

Bimonthly or intensive mode:

2% VAT must be added to the costs

  • Cost per course: ₵208,000
  • Enrollment fee ₵49,920 *
  • Annual health insurance policy ₵4,900 *
  • Student’s card ₵6,540 *
  • Student welfare fee ₡3,570
  • Cost of graduation seminar ₵520,000
  • Approximate value of the entire program: ₵3.821.710 

Tuition is paid only once a year.

Costs are adjusted annually according to the increases approved by the institution's postgraduate system.

Students must pay 100% of the cost of each course when they enroll.

Payment can be made online on any platform of the following banks: Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica, or BAC Credomatic.

You can also pay using your debit or credit card at the following online payment link, entering your student ID number and card details.


The process of admission to the MBA program begins when applicants complete the online form and submit it together with other required documentation. The admission committee analyzes the applicant's professional and academic profile, and the interested party is informed via e-mail about the result of the selection process.

If you are admitted, you will receive an e-mail with further information about the enrollment process.