The Postgraduate Unit of the School of Business Administration promotes the generation of endogenous knowledge in Costa Rica and other countries through this academic master’s program, whose graduates contribute to the increased sophistication of companies, and the identification and implementation of best organizational practices that contribute to superior business performance.


The Academic Master’s degree in Business Research program seeks to stimulate the of scientific research and academic production in the area of business administration, through interdisciplinary and constructivist formation of professionals in economic sciences and related areas.


In 2023, the Master's Degree in Business Research program will be a leading national and regional postgraduate program that promotes the formation of human talent with competencies and skills in scientific research applied to business administration, and be a regional leader in terms of the impact and relevance of its academic production.

Professional Profile

Graduates of the Master’s degree in Business Research program will be professionals who can:

  1. Structure problems faced by businesses every day in the form of scientific research questions.
  2. Formulate scientific research proposals in the field of business administration and in inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary fields.
  3. Compile, evaluate and analyze specialized information (primarily empirical evidence) to understand the current status of a particular research topic.
  4. Design or select instruments for data collection, depending on the objectives of the investigation.
  5. Analyze, select and implement strategies for data analysis, based on the objectives of the investigation.
  6. Summarize the results of an investigation in an academic publication.
  7. Participate in consultancies on advanced topics in the field of business administration to provide solutions for business problems.
  8. Participate successfully in PhD programs in this field.

Admission process


  • Bachelor’s or licentiate’s degree in economic sciences, engineering or other areas related to the object of study, according to the evaluation commission's criteria.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the English language.

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Faculty profile

Faculty members of the Master’s Degree in Business Research program will share with students their extensive and recognized experience in research, teaching, consulting, publication of scientific articles and tutoring of final master's and doctoral graduation papers.

Ph.D Juan Carlos Leiva
Profesor - Investigador
Ph.D Ronald Mora Esquivel
Profesor - Investigador
MSc. Roger Bonilla Carrión
Profesor - Investigador
Ph. D Paula Arzadun
Profesora - Investigadora
Ph. D Rony Rodríguez B.
Profesor - Investigador
MSc. Andrés Segura Castillo
Profesor - Investigador

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