The program for a Master’s Degree in Project Management is unique at the level of public universities in Costa Rica. It offers the possibility of specializing in three different areas:

  • Business projects.
  • Construction projects. **
  • Information technology projects. **

** Requirement for admission to these specializations: Bachelor's degree in related careers.

Important: Interested persons must have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience (Professional experience is counted from the date on which the first university degree was received. Professionals with less than 3 years of professional experience complied on the date on which the program starts for the group for which they applied will not be accepted).

The Master's degree program takes two years, and has a total of 14 courses: 9 from a common block with topics relevant to all types of projects, 2 courses specific to the area of specialization chosen, 1 research methodology seminar, and 2 research seminars to prepare the Final Graduation Project.

The Master's degree program is currently offered at the Alajuela, San José, San Carlos and Cartago campuses, with evening hours, twice a week.

Aperturas 2020

Perfil profesional

In the professional academic profile of the program, it is possible to identify at least three types of fundamental learning for a project manager:

  • Conceptual knowledge ("learn to learn"): What project managers contribute to a project or related activity through their knowledge or understanding of Project Management.
  • Procedural knowledge ("learn to do"): What managers are able to do by applying their knowledge about Project Management.
  • Attitudinal knowledge ("learn to be"): How individuals behave while carrying out a project or activity; their attitudes and fundamental personality traits.

Employment opportunities

  • Management positions in national or international companies related to construction, information technology, or general projects.
  • Government ministries.
  • External consulting.


The following requirements must be met to be admitted to the Master’s Degree in Project Management program

  • At least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language and computing.
  • Minimum professional experience of 3 years (counted from the date on which the first university degree was received).
  • Completed admission application form, with all documents requested.


Cost per credit: ¢52,000 + 2%VAT

There are a total of 11 regular courses, each of  4 credits.

There are three seminars in total, each of 6 credits.

An annual enrollment fee is charged, which is currently ¢70.000.

Approximate value of the complete program: ¢ 3,300,000.

Price may vary every year and does not include payment of graduation fees.


Methods of payment

Choose the enrollment payment option and enter your student ID number.

  • You can pay using your personal account by entering your student ID number at the following banks:
    • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
    • Banco de Costa Rica
    • BAC Credomatic

Student financing

Since the program must be economically self-sufficient, the Tecnológico de Costa Rica does not provide any type of financing for the payment of program fees.

However, the government’s Education Loan Commission (CONAPE) offers loans with very attractive conditions for students who require them.

It is worth noting that according to our experience in current postgraduate programs, a significant percentage of students obtain financing (scholarships) from the organizations where they work.

Criterios de selección

The following criteria are used to select students:

  • Highest academic degree obtained.
  • Weighted grade average.
  • Professional experience.
  • Current position in the organization.
  • Professional affinity.
  • Career accredited by the Sinaes or an international entity.
  • Complementary training in the project area.