This Program was created to meet the demands of the industrial sector for technicians in the area of ​​metrology. It is organized and directed by the School of Physics of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

The process of formulating and validating the Program contents had the support and collaboration of LACOMET and companies associated with Cinde.



The Program for Metrology Technicians consists of five modules with two courses each, with a total duration of 200 classroom hours.

The modules of the program are introductory and basic, and are designed to be delivered over several consecutive weeks, with a week off at the end of each module.



The primary objective of the Metrology Technician Program is that participants acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for them to work successfully in the area of ​​metrology in industry. The Program begins by providing basic knowledge that allows students to carry out operational work, and then develops more in-depth the concepts and skills in the use of measuring instruments.

Perfil profesional

  • Persons working in the field of industrial metrology in quality control departments.

  • Persons who wish to work in metrology and calibration departments of the chemical, metallurgical, aeronautical, pharmaceutical or food industries, among others.

  • Persons who wish to work in industry who are interested in the role of measurement in control of the quality of processes.

  • Persons who need to provide support for the selection and acquisition of scientific equipment for industry.


  • A high school diploma.


Interested students must have a high  school diploma.

Study plan


Classroom sessions follow the order indicated in the Program. Training is theoretical and practical with lectures and group working sessions.

Constructive learning and other playful and creative methodologies will also be used, so that affective-constructive association will help participants to better understand the topic of measurements and calibration.

The information and topics that will be presented through the course material in digital format. Real examples to illustrate these topics will be included.

Students will be asked questions to strengthen learning about topics and promote active participation. The instructor or a volunteer student will offer a reflection about the topic at the beginning of every class.

Currently, this Program is only taught at the Academic Center of Alajuela and Cartago Campus.


Metrology Technician

Module I

Module II

Module III

Module IV

Module V

Introduction to metrology

Estimation of uncertainty

Dimensional metrology

Mass metrology

Torque and force metrology

20 hours

20 hours

20 hours

20 hours

20 hours




Basic statistics

Industrial metrological management (Assurance)

Metrology of electric variables

Pressure and temperature metrology

Volume and flow metrology

20 hours

20 hours

20 hours

20 hours

20 hours






46 hours

46 hours

46 hours

46 hours

46 hours

Total: 220 hours (recognized as 440 hours)