Si tu creatividad no tiene límite, matricula ya.

Students receive technical training for 6 two-month periods about photography as a means to express and communicate through images, using creativity and technical, artistic and technological resources as the keys that will allow them to work in different branches of photography.


- Achieve theoretical - practical proficiency in the area of ​​Photography.

- Provide integrated training using highly skilled instructors.


  • Digital Camera with manual exposure mode; at least 16 megapixels, with interchangeable lenses and tripod. Indispensable
  • Computer and stable internet connection.
  • At least a ninth grade diploma. Indispensable



₡89,200 per course (The block has 2 courses)

Payment methods:

  1. Visa, Master Card or American Express debit / credit card.
  2. Payment through FundaTEC CONECTIVIDAD
  3. Payment at a cashier’s window in any BNCR, BCR or BAC bank.
  4. BNServicios.


Enrollment dates: From 3 to noon on the 21 of August

You can only enroll online at: .

If you have any questions you can view the Frequently Asked Questions # 1 section (School of Engineering in Industrial Design) of the tutorial at, or call 2234-6597 / 2550-9283.

Classes begin: August 24, 2020.




Differentiator elements

The Program for Digital Photography Technicians provides training combining theory and practice, with emphasis on the use of digital techniques and the development of expressive skills as a means of communicating.

Practical experience is an essential component in student training, and experience is acquired in the field during the course of the program, allowing students to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the training process.

Additional Information

Duration of the courses

Each course lasts eight weeks and is taught in classes of three hours per week, on the day assigned at the Zapote facilities.

Additional Information:

- This is a Program to obtain a Technician’s diploma, and consists of several courses.

- If you wish to withdraw or suspend a course enrollment for any reason, you must do so during the first week of school. After the first week, requests to suspend course enrollment will not be processed.

- If you still have questions you can contact or call 2234-6597 / 2550-9283.