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LATINFusion 2019, First Costa Rica Training Workshop in Fusion for the Latin-American Region 2019, is to be held from Nov. 25th to Nov.29th, 2019, at the Plasma Laboratory for Fusion Energy and Applications at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC) in Cartago, Costa Rica.

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The objectives of the proposed Training Workshop are:

  1. To provide training to Latin Americans and the rest of the world in fusion.
  2. To strengthen the participation of Latin-Americans in fusion research through training activities.
  3. To provide a theoretical and practical training in the fusion field to the participants of the event.
  4. To publicize our capabilities in scientific equipment and human resources to carry out fusion research in the region.
  5. To develop experimental skills in Stellarator and tokamak engineering and Stellarator operation.

Why Costa Rica?

2019 marks the 11th year since the inception of the Plasma Research Group at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC), and we are pleased to invite the scientific community to First Costa Rica Training Workshop in Fusion for the Latin-American Region 2019.

The activity is aimed at developing skills in stellarator engineering and operation. It is based on courses and training activities. During the courses, the participants are to be familiarized with the majority of diagnoses and techniques for the operation of a Stellarator and the control of algorithms for assisted discharges. These courses will be complemented with practical sessions in the Stellarator SCR-1, in view of the configuration of the discharge and the evaluation of the performance of the plasma.

The workshops will also focus on the engineering aspects of actuators such as power supplies, gas inlet systems, vacuum classification, and technical diagnoses.

Important dates

Oct 11        | Deadline for Applications of Foreign Students

Oct 18        | Notification of Acceptance of Foreign Students

Nov 15       | Deadline for Applications and payment of National Students

Nov, 25-29 | LATINFusion


Frequently asked questions

To whom is LATINfusion addressed?

LATINfusion is intended for physics and engineering students from Latin America universities.

Is post-deadline registration possible?

No, this is not possible. The online registration system automatcally expires after the deadline for applications.

Is a partipation certificate issued?

Yes, a digital certificate of participation will be provided.