The School of Chemistry was created at the beginning of the TEC in 1971, and is responsible for providing theoretical and laboratory courses in general, as well as analytical and organic chemistry for the different careers offered by the Institution. It has also offered the Environmental Engineering career since 2006, aimed at providing comprehensive scientific and technological solutions in the field of prevention, control and correction of environmental problems in harmony with the environment.

The School also has two research centers: the Center for Research and Chemical and Microbiological Services (CEQIATEC) and the Center for Environmental Protection Research (CIPA).


Contribute to sustainable development of Costa Rica and the rest of Central America and the Caribbean through excellence in the training of human resources in research and outreach activities, especially in Environmental Chemistry and Engineering.


The School of Chemistry of the TEC will be a leader in Costa Rica and the rest of Central America and the Caribbean for its positive impact on sustainable development, as a result of scientific teaching, research and technological outreach activities in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, based on knowledge gained during the training of human resources.

It will respond in a timely manner to academic demands of the regional market with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training of human resources, complemented by appropriate equipment and infrastructure, while respecting social and environmental responsibility.