The School of Construction Engineering is one of the first academic units of the TEC and one of the first three programs created at the university, in 1973. Today it performs various tasks in the academic field: teaching, research and outreach activities.

The career was accredited in 2003 by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), an international entity for the accreditation of engineering careers.

Academic and research areas

The School of Construction Engineering is divided into five areas that allow carrying out academic, research and outreach activities according to the area of ​​expertise of the professors. Each of the areas has a coordinator who represents their area in the School Advisory Council.

The academic areas are:

  • ● Structures and Construction Systems.
  • Construction Administration.
  • Water Resources and Environment.
  • Geotechnics and Infrastructure.
  • Materials and construction physics.


Contribute to the country’s development by strengthening the construction sector through the training of human resources, research, and outreach activities, with international visibility and influence within the framework of sustainable construction.


To be regional leaders in sustainable construction in the areas of training of human resources, research, outreach activities and social action. During the next five years we will maintain our international accreditation and prestigious university links in the field, transferring technology and extending the international visibility and influence of our academic services.


  • Leadership and commitment to the environment.
  • Team-work.
  • Quality.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement.


The School promotes its local and international visibility and influence through cooperation agreements that allow exchanges of educators and students, and the development of joint research and outreach projects.

  • TEC-CTP Interinstitutional Cooperation Agreement.
  • Interinstitutional Cooperation Agreement between the Municipality of Cartago and the Tecnológico de Costa Rica.
  • Specific Agreement for Academic and Professional Cooperation between the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlement and the Tecnológico de Costa Rica.
  • CONAVI-TEC Interinstitutional Cooperation Agreement.
  • Framework agreement with the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT).
  • Framework and Specific Agreement with the company Fibromuebles S.A.
  • Framework Agreement with the College of Technological Engineers.
  • Framework Agreement with the Federated College of Engineers and Architects.
  • Framework Agreement with the Universidad de Costa Rica.
  • Framework agreement with the University of Florida, USA.
  • Framework agreement with the Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Framework agreement with the Universidad Técnica de Valencia, Spain.
  • Framework agreement with the Instituto Tecnológico de Macuspana, Tabasco, Mexico.
  • Specific agreement with the Costa Rican Association of Construction Engineers, ACIC.
  • Specific agreement with the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, CCC.
  • Specific agreement with the Costa Rican Institute of Cement and Concrete.
  • Specific agreement with the company Ad Astra Rocket Co.