The Electronics Engineering career has played an important role in attracting high-technology companies to the country. Costa Rica is currently involved in an accelerated development process, both in the area of ​​communications and industrialization, aimed at constantly improving the quality of its services and processes.


The School of Electronic Engineering of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica is a dynamic organization open to new knowledge, responsible for promoting integral human development by training excellent professionals and improving the quality of life by the rational use of knowledge in teaching, research and outreach activities.


The School of Electronic Engineering of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica will be the most prestigious center of studies in electronics in the country, and its academic and technological leader. It will offer options in teaching, research and outreach activities, relevant to its technological context, recognized by national and international accreditation entities, supported by a team of highly qualified academics and committed to the promotion of knowledge. These factors will guarantee excellence in the training of highly motivated professionals in electronics, with strong skills and values, a positive attitude towards change, and professional competitiveness as a permanent goal.


  • Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina
  • Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

These important agreements allow us to implement exchange programs for students and educators, in addition to the possibility of conducting research sabbaticals.