The Faculty of Engineering in Occupational Safety and Environmental Hygiene has led the training of professionals in the area of prevention and management of the health of workers. Currently,  many tasks are carried out in the academic field: teaching, research and outreach projects.

The Licentiate’s degree in Engineering in Occupational Safety and Environmental Hygiene (plan 2151), has been accredited since may, 2019 by the Accreditation Agency for Engineering and Architecture Programs (AAPIA) by the Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica (CFIA, acronym for spanish).

In addition, there is a Master's program in Occupational Health, with an academic or professional degree for graduates of TEC, as well national or foreign universities.


Collaborate to the country’s integral development through the training of professionals and the development of research and outreach activities, maintaining scientific and technological leadership, academic excellence and strict adherence to ethical, humanistic and environmental standards from the perspective of a high-quality public university which is competitive at the national and international standards.


The Tecnológico de Costa Rica will be an institution of recognized national and international prestige, which will decisively contribute to the construction of a more supportive and inclusive society, respectful of human rights and the environment, through the training of people, the promotion of research and technological innovation, entrepreneurial initiatives and close relationships with the social and productive sectors.


  • Agreement between Universidad Nacional and Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

This agreement was signed in 1998, making possible for these two public universities to join their strengths to offer Costa Rica and the rest of the countries in the region a high-level master's program in Occupational Health with an emphasis on Environmental Hygiene with two options: the academic master’s degree aimed at the formation of researchers, and the professional master’s degree for those professionals who work as manager, advisors or consultants in these disciplines.

This agreement made possible to gather the experience of more than 20 years in research on Occupational and Environmental Health of the Regional Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances of the Universidad Nacional, with the experience of 25 years in  teaching, outreach projects and sale of academic services of the School of Occupational Safety and Environmental Hygiene of the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

This master's program began in September 1999 with one group of candidates admitted every 2 years. Efforts are currently being made to develop a new academic master's degree for the Regional in Occupational and Environmental Health.

  • Mahut-ITCR Agreement:

Outreach agreement of our academic program with Mahut Inc., company founded by a graduate of the ISLHA-ITCR program that offers Occupational Safety and Health consultant services. Through the participation of students and professors of ITCR in internships and development of final graduation projects, it is intended to feed back the academic program with experiences of professional practice in enterprises of different economic sector, as well as to promote the knowledge transfer to Mahut and its clients. Participation of Mahut professionals in ITCR through talks, seminars and other academic activities seeks to transfer experiences and knowledge in Occupational Safety work methodologies and technology transfer in training and consultant activities. This agreement will start en 2022.

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