Founded in 1973, the School of Industrial Production Engineering is an academic unit dedicated to the training of outstanding professionals in the area of ​​industrial engineering, capable of addressing the needs of businesses in the sectors of goods manufacturing and service provision.

The School is committed to research, technology transfer and links with businesses, activities that generate and support the integration of knowledge for continuous improvement in the training of professionals.

For this reason, the academic curriculum is designed according to the following objective:

“The training of professionals in industrial production engineering with a humanistic vision, ethical values, and an entrepreneurial spirit, capable of designing and managing productive systems of goods and services through solid engineering knowledge, skills, mastery and competencies for innovation and improvement of productivity in production processes.”








The School promotes local and international relationships through cooperation agreements that allow exchanges of educators and students, and the development of joint research and outreach projects. We have an agreement with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, the Czech Technical University in Prague, and the Universitat de València, among other institutions.

NC Tech Agreement

The Tecnológico de Costa Rica provides training in Computer Aided Design with one of the most popular programs in the market: SolidWorks.

Improve your curriculum vitae now and take advantage of the agreement with NCTECH, a SolidWorks certification company.

You don't need previous experience or a minimum time; you can start from the first semester.

Strategic challenge

The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan approved by the Council of the School of Industrial Production Engineering defined the following Strategic Challenge as the School's development framework:

Position the School of Industrial Production Engineering as a leader in comprehensive training of professionals in the area of ​​industrial engineering, capable of improving existing systems of production of goods and services and creating new ones, both nationally and internationally, through the integration of teaching, research, outreach activities and social action, respecting the need for sustainability, quality and innovation.