The School of Language Sciences is a teaching service unit whose objective is to contribute to the comprehensive education of students. It has two areas:

  • Communication: responsible for courses on Written and Oral Communication, Literary Appreciation, Technical Communication, Educational Communication and a Research Seminar.
  • English: Responds to the demand by each of the TEC schools for English courses in their areas of specialization.

In addition, the school is responsible for the administration of the Humanistic Training Centers program, which is aimed at the entire student, institutional, and community population.


Promote linguistic, communicative and cultural skills, as well as humanistic training of students, to contribute to the best use of their studies, activities and professional practice in accordance with the needs of Costa Rican society.


The School of Language Sciences will be a leader in linguistic, communicative and humanistic training through cooperation programs and strategic alliances between schools, universities, organizations and embassies, in order to strengthen the education and culture of students in the region, thus contributing with the integral improvement of their life quality.


  • Team spirit.
  • Excellence in services.
  • Innovation: be pioneers.
  • Assertive communication.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Personal and professional improvement.
  • Educational commitment.