The School of Natural and Exact Sciences was created in 2015. It is a service School, which means that it has students from all the careers offered by the Tecnológico de Costa Rica. It has four academic areas: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


To be an academic unit of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica at the San Carlos facilities, dedicated to teaching, research and outreach activities in natural and exact sciences for our beneficiaries, committed to relevance, quality, innovation and impact, with extensive use of technology, qualified and committed human talent, and promotion of key alliances for our work.


We will be an academic unit recognized for the relevance and quality in our academic work at the San Carlos facilities of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica, with local, national and international visibility and influence through growing participation in research, outreach and linking activities in natural and exact sciences, enhanced by our human talent, the use of technology and the promotion of strategic alliances.


  1. Achieve full satisfaction of those who benefit from the work of the School.
  2. Increase academic production in the School.
  3. Increase the offer of services provided by the School.
  4. Have optimal resources for the development of the School’s work.
  5. Increase income generated by the sale of services.
  6. Strengthen the mechanisms that allow for better decision making in the School.
  7. Have a robust organizational culture that enhances the School’s actions.