The School of Physics has more than 20 years of serving students and the general public, imparting quality theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of ​​classical and modern physics.

Currently, the School provides service courses to the majority of careers taught by the TEC, and participates actively in projects of educational and research interest.


The School of Physics of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica is dedicated to research, teaching and outreach activities in the fields of Physics and its applications, aimed at promoting the human, social and economic development of Costa Rican society.


The School of Physics of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica will participate actively and decisively in the generation, creation, application and transmission of knowledge in its field, and will be the leader in Costa Rica for the development of physics and its applications, in accordance with its institutional commitment to human, social and environmental responsibility.


  • Teamwork.
  • Academic quality.
  • Interdisciplinary work.
  • Training of human capital.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Social commitment.
  • Humanistic vision.
  • Professional ethics.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Respect for human differences.
  • Critical attitude and self-criticism.
  • Occupational well-being.


To request enrollment for inclusion in the courses offered by the School of Physics; Visit this link, where you can consult the information relevant to this process and access the form to complete the process.