The School of Social Sciences of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) performs multiple functions within the university. In addition to contributing to the humanistic education of students, it strengthens academic participation in national scientific and social events, offering several professional career options.

It offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management in cooperation with university colleges, particularly with the Colegio Universitario de Cartago and the Colegio Universitario de Limón; graduates of these centers can continue their training at the TEC.

It also offers the Master’s Degree in Local Economic Development with two emphases: Small Business Development and Community Tourism. This postgraduate program is offered in conjunction with the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO-CR).

The School also contributes to humanistic education of TEC graduates, offering courses in legal, philosophical and social areas. Its courses consider the specific natures of the careers, mainly engineering, offered by the university and the needs of professional practice.

Through the organization of conferences, forums and roundtables inside and outside the TEC, the school strengthens participation in national scientific and social events.

To do so, it has created two chaired professorships – "Technology, Peace and Development" and "The National Agenda." These have allowed the TEC to demonstrate its ability to convene collaborators including national and international experts in different areas of human knowledge.

The School also contributes to the community through the participation of its academic members in research and outreach projects in different areas of the national territory.


Contribute to the country’s comprehensive development through the formation of human resources, research and outreach efforts; maintaining scientific, technological and technical leadership, academic excellence and strict adherence to ethical, humanistic and environmental norms, from the perspective of a high-quality public university which is competitive at the national and international levels.


The Tecnológico de Costa Rica will be an institution of recognized national and international prestige, which will contribute decisively to the construction of a more supportive and inclusive society which respects human rights and the environment, through the formation of human resources, promotion of research and technological innovation, entrepreneurial initiatives, and close relationships with the social and productive sectors.