Foreign Students

The registration fee for foreign students is 750 dollars and it includes:

  • The accommodation cost (6 nights, from Sunday, Nov 24th, to the following Saturday, Nov 30th).
  • Breakfast is provided by the hotel.
  • Working days lunch. (From Monday to Friday).
  • Mid-morning snack.
  • Mid-afternoon snack.

If your country belongs to the Technical Cooperation Program of the International Atomic Energy Agency, you may obtain a scholarship that includes the 750 dollars.

The plane ticket cost will be assumed by participants. ​Please note that no funds are available for travel expenses.

National Students

If you are a national student and you want to participate only in the morning activities it costs $ 50 and this includes the mid-morning snack.

If you want to participate in the morning and afternoon it costs $ 100 and includes the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.