It’s located near Turrialba Volcano,  north east of the city of the same name, in Cartago.


217, 9 hectares

It is one of the biggest and most important archeological areas discovered in the country. It protects archeological structures such as paths, roads, steps, bridges, water tanks, and aqueducts.

Archeological area is between 15 to , only a small part has been excavated.

The paths are a number of roads connected among each other used to travel and also as a draining system; some paths go for miles in the excavated area.

The steps are stone or rock structures design to overcome level differences.

The aqueducts are open or close channels made in order to take water to different places.

Water tanks are rock or stone square shaped structures made to store the water brought by the aqueducts.

Tombs are located in several locations of the archeological area; those tombs were plundered in the past.