Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) is a public institution of higher education and technological leadership committed to social development and also to people in general. Through the Cooperation Office and its internationalization strategy, TEC offers foreign and national students the chance to be part of our International Programs. 

The International Programs are "custom made" for groups of students from foreign universities that wish to interact with the culture of the country and the university but at the same time wish to study in a high quality environment of a prestigious academic institution.

The Programs are developed as summer classes, both to study the Spanish language and also receive courses offered by our diverse number of faculties, which combined with field visits and tours allows students to complement their studies with the beautiful nature of our country.

As part of our Programs we also offer the opportunity for students to do their professional practice in Costa Rican companies, in order to get experience in their specific field.

If you, as a student, professional or business person are interested in obtaining training or consulting from the Tecnológico de Costa Rica, please contact us at: learningexperienceTEC@itcr.ac.cr




“Thank you for posting on Facebook the images of our visit to TEC. We had a great time at the university and during the travels that followed. Both David Stearns and I were impressed with the lectures we received at TEC. Elemer and the other speakers were well prepared and the content was well suited to the students’ needs….I would like to say that I thought the overall organization of the trip was excellent and the activities were well chosen. Gustavo, our guide, was professional and very enjoyable. The students really liked him. We all felt like we were in good hands with Gustavo leading us. We also enjoyed Jenny. She was friendly and capable. Thank you for making us feel welcome and comfortable during our stay in Costa Rica” 


John Neumann, College of New Caledonia 


“The study abroad program in Costa Rica was incredible. It was a great balance between studying and fun activities. The professors are absolutely amazing. After going to class and studying hard Monday through Thursday, the weekend excursions are incredible. I saw and experienced so many new and exciting things. All of the staff at ITCR are very supportive and friendly. It is a great opportunity and I highly recommend it!”

Stephanie Buchanan, San Diego State University


“My study abroad program at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology in Cartago was a true life changing. My professors were really informative and patient and actually feel like they became some of the good friends that I made during my trip. The school had all the necessary ammenaties that made the learning experience easy to learn and adjust from my home university. Also the city of Cartago was a wonderful and culturally rich place to live and meet many new friends” 

Andreas Martinez, San Diego State University 


“I have been involved with the San Diego State University Program for over 4 years. My experience has been amazing guiding the weekend trips through different regions of Costa Rica where we (International Cooperation Program - ITCR) get the students immersed in the Costa Rican culture, its landscapes and nature. This trips allow them to explore the tropical rain forests, cloud forests, dry forests and all the forms of life that inhabit those environments such as howler monkeys, spider monkeys, white faced and squirrel monkeys, exotic birds such as the endangered scarlet macaws, toucans, roseate spoonbills, reptiles like crocodiles, jesuschrist lizards, iguanas and more. In a fun way we learn about the natural history of this creatures, the geology, economy and social conditions of Costa Rica. We try to make people aware of the importance of preserving the environment and encourage them to practice a sustainable development while they interact and prove themselves why Costa Rica encloses in many ways social and economic rates comparable to those of first world countries. We have the opportunity of practicing adventure activities such as white water rafting, zip lining, hiking and more… so we get a deep encounter with nature. It is definitely an important platform to create awareness and share the beauty of this peace of land named Costa Rica” 

Ronald Calvo Aguilar, Naturalist and Adventure Guide 

Host Families

“Es bonito aprender un poco de nuevas culturas, así como enseñar la nuestra, demostrar cómo somos los ticos. 

La experiencia intercultural nos trae beneficios como: Aumentar valores tales como la tolerancia, respeto por las diferencias, disminuir los estereotipos que tenemos sobre otras culturas. Dependiendo de la aptitud del estudiante, éste se puede llegar a convertir en parte de la familia, permitiendo que los lazos de amistad transcurran a través de los años” 

Natalia Marín Gómez, Familia