International Project area aims to provide support to academic and administrative departments, identifying funding and preparation of documentation required by international organizations for submission of proposals, advice on project formulation, identification of partners and management.


The calls in which the TEC participates more often:


Programme of Cooperation between higher education institutions of the European Union and Latin America.

Types of calls ALFA III

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Search partners ALFA page

ALFA Observatory, identifies and creates synergy among the 14 projects selected in the first round of ALFA III

-Erasmus Mundus:

Cooperation and mobility program of the European Union in the field of higher education, which aims to promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures through cooperation with third countries to improve the quality of European higher education and other participating countries.

Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama European Network
Educational Exchange Network for Higher Academia gap Narrowing between Central/South America and Europe

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Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union for Research and Technological Development.

FP7 Information Sources:

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
Scientific Cooperation Policy
International Cooperation (INCO) in FP7
Program Information Technologies and Communication

Ibero-American Science and Technology Program

Spanish International Agency for Development

Organization of American States

Agencia Internacional de Energía Atómica- International Atomic Energy Agency

National Science Foundation


-Argentine Fund Horizontal Cooperation (FO-AR)



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