Student Project
Jose Pablo Araya Camacho Active Messages for Graph Analysis: Breadth-First Search Charm++ Implementation
Cristian Arias Chaves Performance comparison of Chapel vs MPI and OpenMP using the N-body problem on HPC
Emmanuel Barrantes Chaves Shared-memory parallel programming with Numba
Óscar Alfonso Blandino Hernández Performance Analysis of Multi Core Data Science Python Tools
Barnum Franco Castillo Barquero NetworkX vs Graph-tool vs Igraph: HPC Analysis
Esteban Gerardo Chavarría Miranda Evaluation of parallel stochastic gradient descent techniques for deep neural networks
Luis Antonio Esquivel Artavia MPI Sudoku
Diego Jiménez Vargas Extracting Hierarchical Performance Data from NVIDIA® Nsight™ Systems Profiled GPU Applications
Ricardo José Montoya Rivera Identifying an efficient implementation for parallel k-means and hierarchical clustering
Luis Alejandro Morales Peña Performance Analysis of the Graph Partitioning Tools PaToH, Scotch and METIS in Kabré Supercomputer
Izcar Javzés Muñoz Tórrez Comparison of Parallel Computing Libraries in Python
Ignacio Murillo Masís Domain Specific Language for Defining a Simulation Based Terrain Modeling Pipeline
Erick Francisco Quesada Fonseca Desing of a task scheduler for Contech
Jose Johel Rodríguez Pineda Parallel Ray Tracing with MPI and Python
Jorge Enrique Sanchez Castro Predictive Models for Cryptocurrency Markets
Fabián Alberto Solano Madriz Comparison of checkpoint/restart libraries in HPC
Steven Solano Rojas Using Parallel Homomorphic Encryption for Logistic Regression
Cristina Soto Rojas Optimization of Corona++ time with parallel implementations
Marco Antonio Torres Umaña Multithreading implementation of PyMP