is located in the Pejibaye district in Cartago, only two hours away from .

It is located in the , right between the , Atirro, Gato rivers and Río Macho natural reserve; is considered natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.


1289 hectares


Altitude goes between 750 and above sea level, temperature goes from 18 to 27 degrees (centigrade), humidity is high averaging 90%. It´s warm weather all year round explains the exuberant biodiversity it possesses.


Water and geological richness are really important. In the inner parts of the refugee there are beautiful river systems, with crystal clear waters, waterfalls and caverns. 
Because of its great biodiversity, especially flora such as ferns, fungus and lichens that can be used and medicine, leaves the window open for scientific investigation for the benefit of mankind.

Flora and Fauna

The characteristics of flora and fauna belong to the tropical rain forest with obvious influence of the .

Approximately 40% of the territory belongs to primary forest and the other 60% is covered by secondary forest in different stages of natural recovery.New founds such as orchids and butterflies have been documented by scientists in the last few years.