In pre Hispanic times the Orosí valley was inhabited by “huetares” (Costa Rican aborigines) warlike tribe that difficult the Spaniard conquer process.

Orosi Villa, head of the fourth district in Paraiso, is located at the same spot where the “huetares” founded it. Close to this place we can find Ujarrás, another area founded by the local aborigines. Orosi received the Spaniards in 1561, they built their first church between 1565 and 1573 when it was promoted to parish church. In 1743 the actual church was built, the church is nowadays use by the Orosí community.

Orosí is located south of Paraíso south from Cartago and east from . It´s a quiet area dedicated to agriculture, tourism with a significant number of hotels and restaurants.

Orosi is also dedicated to the production of hydro electrical power with the construction of the Cachí dam pretty close of one of the main national parks Tapantí.