The course of Spanish as a Second Language is part of this cultural exchange. It will allow students to express spontaneously in the skills of writing, listening, speaking and reading comprehension.  Moreover, students will:

  1. Share with families of the province of Cartago.
  2. Participate in volunteer work.
  3. Have access to institutional services and visit tourist centers.

Language and culture are intimately related; therefore, students will be immersed in the culture of the new language they are willing to learn. The methodology of the courses is very dynamic and interactive. Both foreign and Costa Rican students will participate together in chats, debates among other activities.

What´s the Context of our Courses?

It´s  really  important  for  us  to  provide  to  our  students  the  most appropriate   environment.      For                     example, audio visual equipment, ventilated classrooms,  and excellent teachers. Each student will have a “par tico”. This means that each foreign student will have a Costa Rican friend who is going to help and advice in cultural and institutional matters.

The institution provides library, internet, pool, sport areas, restaurants, among others. Moreover, students will receive workshops in dancing, recycling, theater among others. The Spanish lessons have different methodologies  which are implemented inside and outside the classroom. For example, visits to museums, churches, parks, tourist centers, interviews to the community people, and participation in the Oral and Written Communication courses.

Who are our Teachers?

The teachers are native from Costa Rica who have more than 20 years of  experience  teaching. They also possess a Master Degree in different areas such as: Spanish as a Second Language, Linguistics or Literature. These teachers are trained each year in order to keep updated. All the teachers have command of English and educational technology.

What are the characteristics of Accommodation?

If you are looking for accommodation, we offer you the option to stay with a Cartago´s family. These families are carefully selected in order to support our students on what they need. The  student will have a room with bathroom, possibility for washing clothes at home, three meals, and access to public services. Furthermore, these houses are located very close from the institution.

What´s the description of the Spanish Courses?

The objectives of the units as well as the grammatical contents were developed taking into account the standards: ACTFL (Proficiency Guidelines, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Inc., Hastings-on-Hudson) and of the Common European Frame of Reference to the Languages: learning, teaching and evaluation.

The course consists of six levels. Moreover, the student has the possibility of taking more specialized courses such as Literature, Commercial Spanish, History, Oral and Written Communication once the  six  levels have been completed. All the courses are 100% in Spanish.

Each course offers contact and extracurricular hours. It means that in order to obtain a Certificate, the student must accomplish the contact hours (lessons of Spanish with a Teacher) and extracurricular hours (the student can choose the activities in order ot fulfill the requirements).

The  following  are  the  extracurricular  activities. The  student must choose two of these activities per week.

  1. Contact hours in an Oral Communication class (intermediate and advanced students).
  2. Visit the Theater to watch a play.
  3. Attend a conference, lecture or any other activity organized by the Costa Rica Institute of Technology.
  4. Watch a documentary movie in our institution.
  5. Watch a movie in a Costa Rican movie theater.
  6. Interview Costa Rican people about different cultural matters.
  7. Chats with students of the Communication Courses.
  8. Volunteer work.
  9. Make an investigation project about a Costa Rican Cultural topic.
  10. Visit and give a report about a sustainable rural project of the zone.
  11. Visit and present a report about a museum.

The student has to inform the name of the activities in which he or she is interested to participate.  The teacher or coordinator will guide the student  in  this  matter.  The  student  must  present  a  report,  written document or oral presentation about each participation. The results are averaged with the grade of the contact hours.

What is our Schedule?

You can choose the course per week (one, two, three or four weeks) or per hour. We offer 2, 3 or 4 hours every day. The student can take the class in the morning from 8 a.m. to 12 m.d., afternoon 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. or in  the  evening  from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. We  can also adjust the schedule according to the student´s needs.

Cost with accommodation:

Cost for student groups include:  spanish classes, meals, accommodation in families, workshops and educational activities

 (least 10 students):

Total hours per Course

Hours per Workshops

Costs per student

80 hours

12 hours


160 hours

24 hours


240 hours

36 hours




Cost without accommodation:

How much does the Group Course cost for School Year in Cartago´s Campus?

Total hours per Course


20 hours


40 hours


60 hours


80 hours






How do I register?

  1. Write to or asking for the course of Spanish and the modality that you prefer and the number of hours.
  2. Do a placement Test in order to know your level of Spanish. The test includes listening,  oral, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  
  3. We will send you an e-mail indicating when the course is going to be opened.
  4. Spanish course registration is online.