Foreign Students

Requiremets for an exchange with the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (Under Agreement)

The student must send to the International Office the following documents:

  1. Nomination letter from the Home University.
  2. Grades certificate (in Spanish or English, official translate is not necessary).
  3. Copy of Résumé.
  4. Spanish language certificate B2
  5. Recommendation letter from a professor of their respective School or Faculty.
  6. Copy of the passport (page with photo and information)
  7. 2 passport size photographs
  8. Motivation letter
  9. Student General Information Form
  10. Medical Information Form
  11. International Insurance, mandatory included repatriation of mortal remains.

All documents must be sent by postal service to Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica to the following address:

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Los Ángeles, Cartago, Costa Rica
De la esquina Sureste de los Tribunales de Justicia 400 metros Sur y 700 metros este.
Dirección de Cooperación y Asuntos Internacionales
P.O.Box: 159-7050

Inmigration information

International Office will send a guide to all student about the visa procedure they may follow.

Deadlines for exchange students applications:

First semester from February to June: September 30th
Second semester from July to December: April 30th

Short-Term Research Internships for International Students (Without Agreement)

International Students who want to come to our university for a short-term research internship may ask for the requirements to the following e-mail address Exchange Program:

Important information

Academic Calendar: calendario-institucional

Academic plans: academic-plans

If you apply for central campus you may search Sede Central Cartago
If you apply for San José campus you may search Centro Académico San José
If you apply for San Carlos Regional Campus you may search Sede Regional San Carlos

*El Centro Académico de Limón is not available for Exchange students.

Academic Offer: Careers

Classifications Table

The grade scale used in Tecnológico de Costa Rica goes from 1 to a 100, the minimum grade to pass the class is 70. According with the Costa Rican Higher Education Agreement to unify the credit definition, a credit corresponds to 3 hours of student work per week, during 15 weeks. These hours can be applied to an activity supervised, evaluated and approved by the professor.