It´s located in Paraiso, Cartago, Orosí district.

Altitude goes from to above sea level.

characterizes itself for being one of the rainiest sites in the entire country, averaging of water per year and even at some points; rainy season goes from May to October.

Grande de Orosi crosses the area along with some other rivers and streams. Water from rivers and streams is used to generate hydro electrical power which, using the Orosí aqueduct supplies a great part of the metropolitan area. 

Tapantí National Park protects an extraordinary diversity of natural resources, we can find approximately 45 species of mammals, some of them endangered species such as cats, rabbits, monkeys and raccoons; we can also find 260 bird species in the area and about 28 species of reptiles such as snakes and lizards and 28 species of amphibious such as frogs and salamanders.

Insects species are abundant because of the weather and many species haven´t been documented by science yet, there are a great variety of butterflies including thysania agripina considered the biggest one in .