The “Virgen de los Ángeles” national sanctuary was built in1912 and it has had several remodeling works since then.

The Virgin was found on August 2nd 1635 by a woman named Juana Pereira.

It was proclaimed as Cartago´s patron saint in 1782 and years later in 1824 was named Costa Rica´s official patron saint.

On August 1st of each year there is a pilgrimage toward the Virgin, in which people from all over the country walks to Cartago asking for favors or thanking for favors they received in the past.

The solemn acts are performed on August  2nd of each year and on August  3rd there is a celebration called “pasada de ” which takes the image of the Virgin from the Basilica de to the .

The Basilica de los Angeles Church has a spring water stream called “pilita” by the locals and its located behind the church, people with faith believe that holy water comes out from the stream, next to the holy water stream there is the crypt, this is the place where they show different offerings for the Virgin and also the story of the founding.