This Program is aimed at persons who are in charge of tasks related to business logistics and inventories, and wish to hold middle management positions in goods or services companies.


₡80,000 per course, plus 2% VAT.

₡95,000 Graduation Project

Total investment: ₡1,055,000, plus 2% VAT.

Those who pay before December 20, 2019 will have a 5% discount and enrollment will be free.

No enrollment fee is charged; to reserve a space you must pay the full tuition for Module I (₡160,000).

Costs of the materials used in the courses must be covered by students.

Payment method:

Payment must be made through bank deposits to the accounts of the Fundación Tecnológica de Costa Rica (FUNDATEC), described below, or through CONECTIVIDAD.

BCR 275-0004039-8 15201275000403987


BCAC 115050-7 15302000011505071


Study plan

Module Course

Introduction to logistics






Production and service planning

Logistics costs


Warehouse Infrastructure

Warehouse and inventory administration I


Supply and purchasing administration

Inventories and forecast models


Transportation administration

Warehouse and inventory administration II

VII Graduation project



Sessions will be theoretical and practical, delivered through the presentations of educators, who will perform the role of facilitators with the support of audiovisual aids, and discussion of reading materials, and will participate in the development of cases and presentation of students’ work. Each of the courses has 6 lessons delivered in 4 weeks, with a total of 24 hours in the classroom.

Teaching Team

The teaching staff for this Program are professionals with extensive experience in logistics and appropriate communication skills who can answer participants’ questions. They also have a solid academic background and strong business experience.

Passing Grade

The minimum grade required to pass the course is 70 points. The evaluation system for each subject will be indicated by the teacher at the beginning of each course.

Required Number Of Students

Groups must have at least 20 students. If less than that number enroll, the group will be closed and money will be returned.



  • Telephone: 2550-9219 and 8405-2075.
  • E-mail:
  • Ninth grade diploma.
  • Proof of bank deposit, with payment of at least one course.

The Program for in Logistics and Inventories Technicians is a training program that does not offer university credits that will be recognized if participants later enroll for a TEC career.


  • Virtual 1. Classes begin: August 1, 2020.
    • Schedule: Saturdays from 8a.m to 2p.m.
  • Virtual 2. Classes begin: August 3, 2020.
    • Schedule: Mondays and Wednesday from 6p.m to 9p.m.
  • Virtual 3. Classes begin: August 4, 2020.
    • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8a.m to 11a.m.