María José Madrigal , PARMA
November 1, 2018

Professor Máster J. Esteban Pérez Hidalgo, a physicist by profession, presented his master's thesis on Adaptive Complex Systems at the University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden a few months ago. He has worked as a professor at TEC since 2014 and has experience in computational simulation and high performance computing.

On October 29, at the Centro de Investigación en Computación, Tecnológico de Costa Rica was the lecturer of the talk Classification of neural networks generating homeostatic structures, in the project a system of cells was simulated by cellular automata governed by a neuronal network.

The motivation of the project is the investigation of the cellular collective behavior and the factors that contribute in the stability and robustness of cellular structures to external pertubarciones.

The talk was attended by students and professors from different careers; It was organized by Vicerretoría de Investigación y Extensión, PARMA Group and the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Industry Applications Society chapters.

Conference Classification of neural networks generating homeostatic structures

Conference by Master J. Esteban Pérez