María José Madrigal , PARMA
August 3, 2018

From July 23 to 28, the first Machine Learning Summer School EVEMA 2018 where more than 60 students from different careers of TEC and UCR participated and 20 professionals who learned about concepts and applications of machine learning.

The event took place at Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología (CENAT), San José , among the international exhibitors who collaborated with the school stand out Ziga Emersic, M.Sc Blaz Meden of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Dr. Ángel García Pedrero of Universidad de Valladolid, España. Also participated, such as M.Sc Saúl Calderón, Dr. Juan Esquivel professors of Escuela de Computación  del TEC , Dr. Martín Solís of Escuela de Administración de Empresas y MSc Felipe Meza professor of Posgrados TEC.

The realization of this event was possible thanks to the support of Escuela de Computación, PARMA Group (teachers and student assistants) and TEC Digital.