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Biotechnology: Changing Life Through Science, 3v, 2007 Covers biotechnological applications ranging across medicine, agriculture, and industry. Devoted to helping younger students and general readers understand the fast-developing science and issues related to: advances in biotechnology, the science of molecular biology and genetics.
Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3rd ed., 5v, 2004 Covering a wealth of topics on the ethics of health professions, animal research, population control and the environment, the set helps researchers to consider the impact of new scientific knowledge and its potential to harm or benefit present and future generations.
Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology, 2v, 2000 This 2-volume set provides comprehensive information on regulation and policy issues. Editor Thomas Murray is a world-renowned leader in this field.
The Encyclopedia of Leadership: A Practical Guide to Popular Leadership Theories and Techniques, 2001 Comprehensive reference guide to over 200 of the most important business leadership principles, theories, tools, and techniques. Each entry features a brief, one-page summary of an influential theory or tool, followed by a worksheet or exercise.
Encyclopedia of Management, 5th ed., 2006 Includes essays on 350 topics in management theories and applications, written by academics and business professionals who have first hand knowledge of the particular topic or essay they are contributing, and reviewed and edited by Dr. Marilyn M. Helms. Topics include aggregate planning, benchmarking, logistics, diversification strategy, non-traditional work arrangements, performance measurement, productivity measures, and supply chain management, among many others.
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics, 4v, 2005 This Encyclopedia considers both the professional ethics of science and technology, and the ethical and political issues raised by science and technology in an increasingly complex and global society. This broad coverage supports the numerous courses in applied and professional ethics and policy related to the practice of science and technology in education.
Enfermedades y Trastornos de la Salud, 3v, 2004 Provides a translation of Scribner's Human Diseases and Conditions for Spanish-speaking researchers. Details health and medical information on 280 diseases and conditions.
Environmental Encyclopedia, 3rd ed., 2v, 2003 Provides in-depth, worldwide coverage of environmental issues. Each article is written in a nontechnical style and provides current status, analysis, and suggested solutions whenever possible.
Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, 2v, 2002 Provides access to the world of Internet commerce and addresses the concerns of those who want to join the ranks of the Internet business community. Presents answers to common questions about website development, financing, advertising, and more. Features 470 essays covering topics and terms, profiles of the top e-commerce companies, biographies of e-commerce innovators, and coverage of events and legislation related to e-commerce.
Mathematics, 4v, 2002 (9780028659046) Explains mathematical concepts with an historical overview of the field. Explores the uses and effects of math in daily life, and provides information on different career choices in this field. For academic readers.
Animal Health and Production Compendium Incluye información basada en la ciencia para apoyar la toma de decisiones en la ganadería y la producción de alimentos en todo el mundo.
Aquaculture Compendium Reúne una amplia gama de diferentes tipos de información científica para apoyar la toma de decisiones acertadas en la acuicultura y la gestión de los recursos acuáticos en todo el mundo.
Crop Protection Compendium Reúne una amplia gama de diferentes tipos de información científica sobre todos los aspectos de la protección de cultivos. Incluye hojas de datos detalladas sobre plagas, enfermedades, malas hierbas y cultivos hospederos.
Forestry Compendium Incluye conocimiento sobre los árboles forestales.
Invasive Species Compendium Agrupa una amplia gama de diferentes tipos de información científica para apoyar la toma de decisiones en el manejo de especies invasoras en todo el mundo.